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5 DIY Projects for Home Improvement on a Budget


Updating your kitchen can get very expensive! Instead of ripping your cabinets out and starting fresh, you can give your cabinets a much needed upgrade by applying a fresh coat of paint or stain. Just remember: preparation is key!

BONUS: Repeat this tip for your bathroom cabinets for an updated look in your bathroom as well!


Create your own island - This one is for our more thrifty readers! Find yourself a vintage dresser at your local thrift store or Facebook Marketplace. Remove the bottom drawer and the tracks and sand down the rough areas for easy sheet pan storage. Sand down and repaint the drawers to match with your kitchen decor. You can either remove the top of the dresser and install a countertop or you can sand it down and paint it with black chalk paint. The chalk paint gives it a really chic look and is also a great activity opportunity for kids. While you are cooking, they can draw on it!

Never underestimate a good accent wall - You can give your home a completely new look and feel with an accent wall. Use colors to brighten up the space like a yellow or light blue. To keep it more neutral you could do a light gray or sandy colors. For something really fun and creative, tape out a design, paint over it, let dry and slowly remove the tape to reveal your cool design. If you have more time you could do a plank wall by sanding and staining reclaimed wood, such as pallets (this will ensure that all your pieces are the same size, pallets are typically one standard size). You will need to use an adhesive to give this look a clean finish when installing it.

Refinishing a large mirror can give your bathroom a much more updated modern look for relatively low cost. This project can differ depending on the look you want to achieve. You can usually find wood frames to wrap around the mirror at your local thrift shop or you can order them online. Splitting a large mirror for double sinks can also help the overall appearance of the bathroom; this can be done by adding in a medium height shelf in the middle of the two sinks. These can also be purchased at your local thrift store, Facebook Marketplace or even online. 

Got dirty grout? Don’t panic! Did you know that toilet bowl cleaners can get these looking new with very little elbow grease? Try any brand that contains bleach and has the clinging gel feature. Fill your grout and let it set for 10-15 minutes then use a sponge and hot water to rinse. Mop as usual. Repeat if needed.