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Transforming your Ennis MT home by using your extra space!

Do you have extra space in your home in Ennis Montana that you just can’t figure out what to do with? We have compiled 5 different ideas that might help you transform that extra space to meet your goals, help you find inspiration, bond with family and friends and really enjoy your Ennis Montana home - plus, add a little resale value at the same time!   


  1. The Fitness Focused- Turn that spare room into a home gym! This can help you reach your fitness goals and keep your body active - especially in climates or seasons that are not so outdoor fitness-friendly. A couple of things to keep in mind when creating your home gym: make sure the space is bright and spacious - that will help keep you motivated during high-energy workouts or yoga sessions. Also, keep in mind ventilation as well as air circulation: you would want to make sure that you have something built in to keep the air circulating, or if you are on a budget, several fans placed around the room will help keep it an enjoyable space.
  2. The Arts & Crafts Focused- Are you looking for a space that will inspire you to create? Use that spare room as an arts and crafts room! You can find lots of creative storage ideas for whatever supplies you need on Pinterest, but also magazines like Real Simple, Sunset, or Better Homes & Gardens are great for inspiration and plans. Make sure you add in things that inspire you or fill you with joy and excitement.
  3. The Movie Buff- A  home theater could be a GREAT addition in that spare room or extra space in your Ennis Montana home. While increasing the value of your home, it will provide a place to entertain, to enjoy with the family, and create memories to cherish. (Or you can just veg out and relax, we support that too!)
  4. The Bibliophile- Create a peaceful in-home library/study with super comfy furniture that you can sink into as you fall into the next great book. If you have children, you can even set up a kid’s section filled with children’s stories, floor pillows and bright chairs and a little table. Studies show that children who see their parents read, are more likely to be readers themselves, EVEN if you don’t read a lot to them aloud! What a huge relief that is to some of us who love to read, but hate hearing our voice reading out loud.
  5. The Sommelier- A wine cellar at home is perfect for the wine connoisseur. A couple of things to keep in mind when turning your spare room or extra space in your home. First,  make sure that room temperature stays between 45 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This is typically easiest to do in a lower level of your home or in the basement. You may need to install proper vapor barrier and insulation. Pour yourself a glass of wine and share the space with your friends and family!


We hope you enjoyed these ideas on how to increase the value of your home and transform your extra space into a space that you and your loved ones can enjoy. For more information, and all things real estate in Ennis Montana, give us a call today!

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