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9 Tips for Cleaning Your Exterior

The end of winter usually has us kicking off spring cleaning with the interiors of our houses. Now, its time to move on to the exterior of your home in TOWN. Here’s an easy list of 9 ways to make the outside shine bright and make your curb appeal pop!


  1. Washing the exterior of your home comes first. Things like windows and garden beds should be protected during this step and left for after the siding is done. Doing a pre-soak with a soap cleaner mix will eliminate a damaging pressure step. (Make your own cleaner for vinyl siding with the instructions at this link https://www.bobvila.com/articles/how-to-clean-vinyl-siding/ ) Then get out the scrub brush & elbow grease, and proceed to work in 4’ sections. Be sure to use a light nozzle with a wide angle when it comes time to rinse.
  2. The next step is cleaning the windows. Pressure washing isn’t suggested for this application as it could damage windows or caulked seals. Grab any of your favorite glass cleaners: the big tip on windows is not to let them air dry. Squeegees work great to avoid streaks, and even better if you wipe it on a towel between passes.
  3. Once the windows are shining, we don’t want them hiding behind dirty or rusty screens. A gentle wipe down or scrub should work for most, possibly a touch of paint on the frames for any spots needing it.
  4. As long as your roof is in good condition, it may just need a decent sweep. Leaf blowers are also very handy for this step. Depending on how wet your area is, it could also be pertinent to do a moss treatment while on this project.
  5. According to bobvila.com, its a responsible idea to clean your gutters twice a year - spring and fall. If your gutters are sagging or eyesores, it may be more savvy to replace them completely. Updating gutters is a surprisingly affordable endeavor, a quick cost-benefit analysis could save you more time spent on a ladder.
  6. Walkways and driveways get stains, too. While you want to be cautious with pressure or chemical treatments on stone - concrete and pavement will benefit from some high pressure attention. It might also benefit the appearance of your driveway to resurface it, and could double its life according to Family Handyman.
  7. Do you have a deck? It likes some attention, too! Once its been swept, washed, and scrubbed - consider staining it as well. You won’t believe how easy it is to give your deck a quick facelift, or any wood around for that matter. Make your old fence look like you just installed a new one in a fraction of the time! Taking a few minutes to rinse lawn furniture or wipe grease spots off your grill will also be time well spent on the deck.
  8. Don’t forget the greenery! Picking up any leftover windfalls, raking the lawn, then feeding it are important tasks to check off the to-do list. Next task is to add some color and interest. This time of year every store-front is bursting with a variety of plants to bring home. Hanging baskets are a beautiful addition, or perhaps a window box for some colorful, old world charm. Herbs give an interesting texture as well. Barking and mulching beds helps keep everything looking fresh and tidy, ensuring your buyers see the cohesive picture.
  9. Lastly, it is important to minimize. If you are prioritizing getting your outdoors walk-thru ready, then its time to gather up personal items. Buyers don’t always understand the sentimental pieces. A clean look is what we’re going for after all this hard work and its alright to pack some things away early.


Now its time to relax! Enjoy all you’ve accomplished once your to-do list is all checked off.