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Creating Outdoor Space on a Budget

You’ve heard that it's the biggest craze. You know it will increase the value of your house. Plus, with all the extra time you’ve been investing at home, you’d love to utilize more of your outdoor space! Creating an area in your backyard is going to be worth it, plus keeping it within a budget will soothe the stress involved, too. Let’s see what we can put together without taking a chunk out of your pocketbook!


First of all, this make-over project doesn’t need to happen all at once. It is just the first season. This is your space and your budget, and you can make the calls on the timeline. Spreading out the costs also means that you might be able to swing one more significant piece into each phase of the project - a deck expansion, that outdoor couch that fits best, or a more beautiful patio rug says Better Homes and Gardens.


To ensure that you can use your outdoor space at a whim, you will have to plan ahead of time. If you decide to take advantage of the area during the heat of the day, you’ll want to have some shade set up beforehand. A tilting umbrella works wonders, or a sail shade between a couple of poles and your roofline - according to The New York Times. “Vegetation provides natural shade, but a tree takes time to grow, and hedges won’t work if you’re trying to cool a balcony or roof deck. Cue the planters.” Easily movable, changeable, or seasonal - your planters can be used for all sorts of applications, including shading from the side while providing some natural privacy.


Using your oasis in the afternoon and into the evening will require a plan for the unwanted guests. Citronella candles are an easy go-to. It is also a great idea to stock some good (to you) smelling bug spray. Tiki torch has a fuel that helps repel insects as well, remember that the flame needs to be burning close to where you are to be effective. Perennial planters and garden beds with lavender, lemon balm, or rosemary are natural mosquito repellents - Best Plants has a wonderfully detailed list of them!


Lighting! Now here’s the fun and decorative part. Vintage-style Edison bulbs, LED string lights, or solar garden stakes are all pretty easy to find at a reasonable price. Stringing them up between posts can help define a space, and wrapping tree trunks or umbrellas makes for a sweet, garden party look. For a more discreet application - solar garden stakes disappear nicely into planters.


Outdoor kitchens have become the number one request from buyers looking at homes. With just a gas or charcoal grill, a butcher block for counter space, and an eating area - you’ve created a simple one - as stated by Space Wise! Sinks, bar tops, or mini-fridges are handy additions if your budget allows for it, but not a deal-breaker. Ice buckets come in any shape or size, and perhaps you can find a container that you already have stored away from last season to repurpose.


We hope that you enjoy your outdoor space and have improved your home’s value in the process. For more great tips and articles - check out...